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    Reduce your cost on stock images

    October 19, 2016
    Designers and bloggers may purchase subscription plan with stock images agencies to gain photos or illustrations for their works or blogs. But it is a difficult job to find a perfect image from a stock agency with more than 100,000,000 images. could help users finding specific images. You can upload an image to wherever they find, and will provide a batch of similar images from many stock agencies and even free images websites. Most of the results could be used in a commercial way. Some agencies provide photos with high prices. You can use the small images to find tons of similar images by You can even set the filter and find free images according to what you upload. You can create some lightbox to organize images you find. If you have a team, you can invite your team meanber to manage the lightbox as an editor. is the better way to search for stock images you need. And it can reduce your cost.

    Food photograph by Zemgalietises

    October 14, 2016
    Photo by Maris Zemgalietis & Mara Zemgaliete Or you can follow them by here.

    15 websites that is well designed.

    September 22, 2016
    Here are 15 well deisgned websites for you to study with.    1 Very interesting website is made by a intresting creative studio.   2 Move your mouse on the background and see what happens.   3 Great scrolling website! Made by a design agency from Swiss.   4 This site only show their logo when the page is loading, very interesting. And the video is amazing. You can see it here: 5 Very cool website. You can see what a creative website studio could do here. It is amazing!  

    ROSE QUARTZ & SERENITY by Neal Grundy

    September 19, 2016
    Neal Grundy is a freelancer photographer from Brighton with 14 years experience.  You may found more works from him by this link:

    Designers, why you need Stock contents?

    September 9, 2016
    All of us may be familiar with this situation: Strange photos or illustrations. Images or footages that may be read with very emotional by a few people. They always show up to us, but they always disappoint us either. It is true. Stock contents and Stock agencies appear in this Century. Internet technology makes it comes out to the public. Although, there are some ones think the stock contents are very awful, but more and more designers and producer use them as secret weapons. So designers, why do you need stock contents for your better work? 1, Stock contents excluded the contributors over the world, which may contain photographers, filmmakers, illustrators and even other designers. So you can get the content oversea without travelling there. Most of them know what a designer needs. 2, Stock contents do not objectify life but dramatise it. You can find very dramatic contents in stock agencies which are designed to express some specific meaning. 3, Everyone knows and uses stock contents. A guy runs a barbershop will search some images for daily social marketing or hire a full-time photographer? And Filmmakers purchase footages from stock agencies so that they can finish a series short movie by staying at home and eating popcorn. 4, All people could find perfect contents without costing much time to searching in stock agencies websites. Some agencies start to offer new technology to allow customers search suitable contents by some random picture which they may find on the internet. aggregate many agencies’ contents. So you can find all contents in Discoverimage allow you upload images and show familiar contents which exist in many different agencies.

    YuLia Sokolova’s beautiful illustrations

    September 7, 2016
    YuLia Sokolova is a very talent illustrator and designer. She creates fancy art and working with such companies as Disney, Envato,, ESET, Ninja Apps, Macovector and many others. You can find her artwork here: Or you can buy them here: Here are some work from Yulia:

    67 Free Patterns from

    September 5, 2016
    You can find the compilation here: 1. Waves patterns collection 2. Gray geometric patterns collection 3. Chic bakery patterns set 4. Collection of black and white patterns 5. Collection of blue patterns with decorative shapes 6. Collection of memphis pattern 7. Collection of decorative patterns in vintage style 8. Indigo patterns collection 9. Geometric seamless patterns collection 10. Coloured patterns collection 11. Hand drawn patterns collection

    Illustrations that will melt your heart, coming from Asian artise.

    September 5, 2016
    You can find more illustration here:

    5 websites or tools for you to make perfect images for your Twitter Marketing

    August 16, 2016
    People who hold blog websites, operate marketing or just want to attract attention from others usually release tweets on Twitter. All of us are know that a perfect picture is much better than thousand words. Visual content, such as images or videos, always more eye-catching than text content only. Designers or filmmakers make images or videos into a absorbing stories for your potential customers, once customers get the stories, they will think about the values of the them and then may purchase the commercial products. So if you are not a designer, or you do not want to hire a designer, what could you do? You can try the 5 websites & tools to make it. You can put words and graphic on images which you want. You do not to use photoshop or some other software to finish it. And it has many templates for you to make all kinds of design for you marketing or article. picmonkey allow you to crop images and add overlays and text to create your unique visual advertisement. WordSwag It is a mobile app allows you to put quotes or type your own custom text, and searching images add photo filters. So it is very easy to tweet a nice photo wherever you want. Rhonna Designs Rhonna Designs is another mobile app tool that will allow you to create beautiful images. This app takes a little more time to get used to, but it also allows you to do a lot more custom design work than WordSwag. Paint.NET If you’re looking for something more similar to Photoshop, try Paint.NET. This tool is free for PC users and has many of the same features that are available in Photoshop.  

    How to find an image via Discoverimage

    August 16, 2016
    Hi Everybuddy, You can watch the video and get start to search images via Discoverimage is a tool which is designed for designers and bloggers to find images from multiple sources. Or you can find similar images to purchase or download by upload a images wherever you get it from. Enjoy it. Thank you.

    How to find a perfect image?

    August 16, 2016
    Designers,marketers, bloggers and self-media owner always needs tonnes of images for their advertising stuff. Is that an easy work to do? It is obviously not. Designers have to spend lots of time to find a series creatives files to meet the perfect commercial plan needs. It takes the most time, even more than designing workflow. They have to collect 2 or 4 times creatives files than they really need to put into the design. So the designers always work late even the whole night. So is there tricks for designers to save their time, health and even relationship? Yes, here is.Do some Sketch before you start.   1. Check the copywriting, design sketches and clear tendency. 2. Meeting with marketing man to make sure all he/she wants the design says. 3. Build series of folders to keep the creatives sorted well. 4. Buy creatives a good stock images agency. 5. Search images or video clips with purpose. 6. Use a search tool during the search processing. 7. Keep enough sleeping time.   But how to find the image which is the best suitable one? I mean could I find a free image which could be used for my business legally? Yes, we can! Try to search it with your sketch or some images you see on the internet!Where to search? Here: is a search engine to find stock images all over the stock images agencies. So you can get all you need images here. You can find an image in Shutterstock at the same time it is in Thinkstock. Or you find a great image and that is a perfect image for your commercial advertisement design. What you need to do is drag the image into any page of which will show you the same or similar images according to what you find. “What? I need 600 dollars for this photo?” — You may find a great photo in a stock agency with a freak price. Now you can drag the photo into and you could find the same or similar images at other stock agencies, even FREE stock agencies. Is that great? Try it now.

    Hello world!

    August 14, 2016
    Welcome to the Discoverimage Blog! is a website which all any people could find stock images from multiple sources and manege them.