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    How to find a perfect image?

    By Fredrick 2 years agoNo Comments
    Home  /  Design Tips  /  How to find a perfect image?

    Designers,marketers, bloggers and self-media owner always needs tonnes of images for their advertising stuff. Is that an easy work to do? It is obviously not.

    Designers have to spend lots of time to find a series creatives files to meet the perfect commercial plan needs. It takes the most time, even more than designing workflow. They have to collect 2 or 4 times creatives files than they really need to put into the design. So the designers always work late even the whole night.

    So is there tricks for designers to save their time, health and even relationship?

    Yes, here is.Do some Sketch before you start.


    • 1. Check the copywriting, design sketches and clear tendency.
    • 2. Meeting with marketing man to make sure all he/she wants the design says.
    • 3. Build series of folders to keep the creatives sorted well.
    • 4. Buy creatives a good stock images agency.
    • 5. Search images or video clips with purpose.
    • 6. Use a search tool during the search processing.
    • 7. Keep enough sleeping time.


    But how to find the image which is the best suitable one? I mean could I find a free image which could be used for my business legally?

    Yes, we can! Try to search it with your sketch or some images you see on the internet!Where to search? Here: is a search engine to find stock images all over the stock images agencies. So you can get all you need images here. You can find an image in Shutterstock at the same time it is in Thinkstock. Or you find a great image and that is a perfect image for your commercial advertisement design. What you need to do is drag the image into any page of which will show you the same or similar images according to what you find.

    “What? I need 600 dollars for this photo?” — You may find a great photo in a stock agency with a freak price. Now you can drag the photo into and you could find the same or similar images at other stock agencies, even FREE stock agencies.

    Is that great? Try it now.

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