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    Designers, why you need Stock contents?

    By Fredrick 2 years agoNo Comments
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    All of us may be familiar with this situation: Strange photos or illustrations. Images or footages that may be read with very emotional by a few people. They always show up to us, but they always disappoint us either.

    It is true. Stock contents and Stock agencies appear in this Century. Internet technology makes it comes out to the public. Although, there are some ones think the stock contents are very awful, but more and more designers and producer use them as secret weapons.

    So designers, why do you need stock contents for your better work?
    1, Stock contents excluded the contributors over the world, which may contain photographers, filmmakers, illustrators and even other designers. So you can get the content oversea without travelling there. Most of them know what a designer needs.

    2, Stock contents do not objectify life but dramatise it. You can find very dramatic contents in stock agencies which are designed to express some specific meaning.

    3, Everyone knows and uses stock contents. A guy runs a barbershop will search some images for daily social marketing or hire a full-time photographer? And Filmmakers purchase footages from stock agencies so that they can finish a series short movie by staying at home and eating popcorn.

    4, All people could find perfect contents without costing much time to searching in stock agencies websites. Some agencies start to offer new technology to allow customers search suitable contents by some random picture which they may find on the internet. aggregate many agencies’ contents. So you can find all contents in Discoverimage allow you upload images and show familiar contents which exist in many different agencies.

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